PI4MM24: Potbellies & Beatles Wigs

PI4MM24 Show Bullets: Potbellies & Beatles Wigs

05:00 – Why laughing at older people will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the ass

06:50 – The natural cycle of App Abandonment every tech product will someday be forced to face up to

10:40 – The ‘Canaries In The Mine’ employed by smart entrepreneurs – this simple technique will uncover the truth about what REALLY matters to your market…

15:10 – Why Periscope quickly lost its shine for Kevin, and how to avoid mistreating your audience before they toss you like last week’s trash

20:35 – The ‘Pot-Bellied Beatle Test’ you should take to discover if you really are losing touch (and how to avoid embarrassing yourself if you are)

35:20 – How a regular butt-kicking at racquetball taught John the importance of surrounding yourself with specialists

43:20 – The acid test that will tell you if your biz is doomed to fail – even if you’ve hit it big as recently as yesterday

44:17 – Why looking for a formula in any business success is a huge mistake, despite what the gurus try to sell you…

48:00 – What a flooded Italian restaurant can teach you about why your customers actually buy your products (instead of why you think they do)

53:24 – The lesson John learned at dinner with his college girlfriend’s parents about every prospect’s ‘inner age’ (and why it’s even more relevant to marketers today)

The PI4MM Show Bullets for this episode written by Peter Michaels.
Learn more about Peter here: http://rockandrollcopy.com 

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7 thoughts on “PI4MM24: Potbellies & Beatles Wigs

  1. TC

    If you’re a contrarian (and I am) Slate’s “Calm Down” no doubt is an alarming signal. You might better do just the opposite, particularly in light of the publication’s typical m.o., no?


    Read all about it.

    Discussion distinguishing “an ad” from “a business” hit home. All the tech in the world can’t save weak content and the wrong message.

    (…and never lose your idealism if you desire a purposeful life.)

  2. John

    This was such a great podcast – so much “food for thought”.

    I remember when I read “Structure of Magic” and I got to the part that said, “the map is not the territory”. My world changed overnight! I knew that I had to question everything I ever believed!

    I used to LOVE playing golf with folks who were better than me. My game ALWAYS improved. That’s a core concept that only us “older guys” can truly appreciate! Thank you for reminding me of that.

    I remember coming home from college with my “Beatles haircut” and my father refused to pick me up from the bus station. It was only when I promised I’d get my hair cut that he agreed to take me home. I went to the barbershop the next day and got a “trim” but I didn’t cut it off. F— ’em all!

    I “came of age” with Hendrix, Joplin, Big Brother, Morrison and the rest…And, yeah, rap music is “white noise” to me, too.

    Best podcast ON THE PLANET!

    1. Kevin Rogers

      Ha! John… love the image of you standing alone at the bus stop reasoning with dad. Then negotiating with the barber on an in-between cut. Truly hilarious.

      Thanks for weighing in.


  3. Brian Keith Voiles

    Absolute genius advice from an absolute genius copywriter. And tons of fun, too!
    What a hoot! I can’t believe how much GOLD you just give away for free, John. Great stuff.
    Thank you for “giving back”. Speaking personally, I’d be NOTHING without your influence
    in my life.


  4. Ray

    Really enjoying working my way through the past episodes. Left a review and rating in the Canadian itunes for you on the podcast. Thanks for putting your time into this for us guys. *Thumbs up*


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