PI4MM23: Top 6 Reputation Killers

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PI4MM23 Top 6 Reputation Killers Show Bullets:

01:55 – Why following in the footsteps of “Hall of Fame” copywriters can instantly jeopardize your reputation

07:57 – The freelancing blunder that will leave your clients feeling like the “jilted lover” (easy fix, yet ignoring this may cost you your career)

13:58 – How to be the “adult in the room” so clients quit screwing you around and get things done on your terms (your clients NEED this, and will respect you for it)

15:30 – Why being a “productive asshole” can bring you love and adoration

19:00 – Why top professionals go to their graves loaded with secrets… and safe ways to unburden yourself from them without violating anyone’s trust


24:30 – The “Sociopathic Signals” even the most callous sociopaths are smart enough to hide… yet many people unknowingly broadcast (are you one of them?)

27:40 – A “sure fire” way to soil your reputation permanently — do this and you’ll be forced out of the marketplace for good

31:53 – The social faux pas John’s neighbor committed during a jam session that guaranteed he’ll never get invited back (an insightful lesson on relationship building)

35:25 – How NOT to penetrate John and Kevin’s “Inner Circle”… and the cold hard reality of what it takes to get in

37:17 – Why Kevin will remain undefeated at the neighborhood poker game… and the harsh lesson that may save your reputation

These badass show bullets this episode written by Dan Ludgater. Learn more about Dan here: http://www.danielludgater.com/pi4mm/

As entrepreneurs reputation is our top asset…

Fuck it up early and you’re toast.

Handle yourself proper, which means going far out of your way at times (for seemingly little or no reward) you and your business will grow beyond the tangibles of traffic and offers and even profit.

Rep in the bank means money in the bank. Fuck You Rep may be more valuable than Fuck You Money.

Kevin’s top ways to shred your own reputation:

  1. Go silent. Fail to return calls, meet deadlines or communicate needs. Worst case, ghost your partner in the middle of a project.
  2. Talk out of school. Prove to be a gossip whore who can’t keep a secret and everyone you spill your bile to will know it’s only a matter of time until they become your topic of the week.
  3. Fail to pay. Stiff a biz partner, drag your feet on affiliate payments, become hard to reach after the invoice hits, and your trust rep disintegrates like flash paper.

John’s big 3 rep killers:

  1. Be a non-productive asshole. Being a productive asshole who gets shit done is a different animal, and will be tolerated and even beloved. When you’re good, you’re eccentric. When you’re a bug in people’s buzz and don’t add to the bottom line, you’re just an asshole.
  2. Act like a sociopath. Don’t pay it forward, backward, or back. Just take. It’s such a bad move, even real sociopaths know to hide that tendency in themselves when they want to attain anything.
  3. Not realize you’re a boring doofus. It’s okay not to be the life of the party. Listen, contribute to the vibe by laughing and being amiable, jump in when you actually something good to add… but don’t try to prove anything. Don’t suck up, don’t try to one-up (unless it’s appreciated, which in some groups it is, as a competitive sport), and don’t EVER try to be a Grammar Cop or Hall Monitor on what’s discussed.

You gotta earn your way to respect. You can’t demand it.

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2 thoughts on “PI4MM23: Top 6 Reputation Killers

  1. Kevin Francis

    John, Kevin,

    Great podcast…loved listening to you two talking. Felt a bit like a contemporary “Scuttlebutt Tapes”.

    You know, there are times when I think I must be a real weirdo…because absolutely everything you said makes complete sense and is pretty much how I try to behave. Now, I’m in my late fifties so I was brought up and educated in what now seems like a totally different world. What happened? Because, there are a frighteningly large number of people out there who are as clueless as the characters you describe. As you point out, you have to earn the right to call someone a “Dickhead”. Might be worth a podcast on the stages of male friendships.

    Thanks for the instructive podcast. Looks like I should explore the library of previous shows!

    1. John Carlton

      Yeah, something was gained with the arrival of the Web and modern attitudes, but something was lost, too. It has ever been thus, I imagine…

      Thanks for the note, Kevin.


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