Show 14 – Maslow’s Pyramid


In this episode, we start off exploring Abraham Maslow’s psychological theory called the “Hierarchy of Needs”.


But it didm’t take us long at all to veer off into the fertile soil of stand up comics who’ve found success and struggled to stay in touch, along with famous directors and guru marketers…

Some notable topics from this show:

  • How John used (and you can use) Maslow’s pyramid as a guidepost for copywriting
  • The importance of knowing where your list lives on the pyramid (and not forgetting as you find success and begin to move up)
  • Why Jerry Seinfeld refused boatloads of money to produce shows after Seinfeld
  • How every tribe needs a leader and why Ted Danson was the glue that made Cheers such a long-running hit
  • Brilliant wrap up rant/summary (as usual) by John at the end

2 thoughts on “Show 14 – Maslow’s Pyramid

  1. Will Compton

    Another amazing show, thanks John!

    I agree, having a developed sense of empathy has helped me writing copy more than almost anything else. Being able to see the world from someone else’s perspective is one of the hardest things to do for most people, especially if you’re in a different section of Maslow’s hierarchy.


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