PI4MM32: Writing With Rhythm

Have you noticed that you can’t talk a song lyric without hearing the melody of the song?

Try it now with the Stone’s “Jumping Jack Flash”

I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
And I howled at my ma in the driving rain

You hear that riff don’t you?

Weird, right?

Well, there’s a powerful copywriting lesson in how our brains respond to rhythm, and today we’re going to examine how to use this funky little fact to your advantage for winning and keeping your reader’s attention — through even the longest sales letter.

Few would argue that my Psych Insights partner, John Carlton, is the most lyrical copywriter to ever push a call to action.

Music is baked into John’s DNA. He spent years jamming in bar bands.

Now he’s going to jam live for a handful of fans at my live copywriting event – Copy Chief Live – this October.

Check out this brand new episode of Psych Insight for Modern Marketers…

… and hear John break down his method for writing with rhythm and a lyrical quality that makes your readers wanna dance all the way to your order page.

You’ll also get all the details on Copy Chief Live (see the link below) so you can catch John’s keynote and hear him jam with the band live.


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10 thoughts on “PI4MM32: Writing With Rhythm

  1. Pete Michaels

    Loved this one, predictably ; )

    Rhythm is SO important (yet so tricky to spell first-time) in copy.

    For some, it’s one of those head-scratching intangibles that’s hard to identify… but it makes good writing great. Not always easy to pinpoint exactly how rhythm contributes to sales copy, but you guys did a great job here.

    Looking forward to catching ‘The Complex Enchilada’ jamming in St Pete in October!

    1. Kevin Rogers

      Great points, Pete. You’re right, very difficult to quantify. At least after St. Pete we’ll get to see how the two passions coincide.

      Can’t wait to hang with you, pal.

  2. Bernadette

    My son is learning the guitar. This is a good idea to get 2 birds with 9ne stone. He plays guitar+ I play the keyboard=Qualitre time. We both get our music practise in!

  3. Paul Nielsen

    Hey Kevin and John,

    I really enjoyed this episode and it has made me very aware of rhythm in writing.

    I’ve got, what I believe to be, an interesting and unusual example of rhythm to call your attention to. Perhaps you might thing it’s garbage, because of the controversy surrounding the source, but damn, I feel the rhythm and it gets my blood pumping.

    Head on over to YouTube and watch this short video of Mike Tyson talking about intimidation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9MtJ164XJI

    Can you feel it?


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