Show 11 – Perils of Partnering

Psych Insights, John Carlton & Kevin Rogers

So here’s the deal: You get a brainstorm, or you inherit a biz, or you just see an opportunity out there that begs for some entrepreneur-minded dude or dudette to bust down the door and take over a niche market. You create a great, well-priced product or service, you study your prospects to find out what keeps them up at night, you craft a sales message that fixes a problem or solves a sticking point…

… and you cobble together a sales funnel that sucks up customers and delivers the goods. Profits come in, perhaps not as much as you’d like, perhaps not as consistently as you’d like…

… but the thing is working. Your simple idea is finding people who will pay for it.

So… what’s your next step?

For way too many entrepreneurs…

… the urge to find a partner overwhelms everything else. The lure of the guy with the chops you don’t possess, or the smarts that impress you, or the biz history that wows you… it’s just too much to resist. He’s the missing link to your success dreams. He’s eleven on a scale of ten. He’ll fix all your problems, and put everything on the Happy Path to wondrous wealth.

And, like a lamb skipping merrily to the chopping block, you dive in.

Next step: Nightmares, financial chicanery, lawyers up the yin-yang, bad vibes everywhere, hurt feelings… it’s like a bad date that never ends.

Doesn’t have to be this way. Some partnerships are great, matches made in heaven. But they seldom happen by accident.

In this show, we slash open the belly of the partnering beast and rifle through the entrails… to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Before you make another move… listen to this ‘cast. Please. Don’t get sucked into the Partner-From-Hell vortex…


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