What The Hell IS This?

You’re about to be ushered past the velvet rope…

…and into a world of hyper-effective salesmanship that’s understood and used only by the world’s most notoriously rich and successful marketers.

We’re taking a journey deep inside the human brain… past the surface clutter and into the psychological insights to answer the one crucial question – what makes people buy?

Your host is Kevin Rogers… 

…along with the most-ripped off and respected copywriter alive, John Carlton.

And THIS… is Psych Insights for Modern Marketers.

16 thoughts on “What The Hell IS This?

  1. Dan

    Glad you guys started this up. Really interesting stuff hidden under the pure entertainment value you got going on!

  2. Anthony

    Hey Guys
    Just want to thank you for the podcasts……I am absolutely over the moon I found the podcast, cant quite recall how i came across it but yeah anyway. I’m already loving whatever words come out of john’s mouth and now that you guys get together doing your interview type thing is really great.
    After doing so many courses and seminars and the likes over the years I find that every time I listen to John I get so much info in an hour that the rest of the stuff I have done just pales into insignificance ! I also see and hear where allot of these guys have got their knowledge from….so Thank you thank you .
    Just love it and please keep it coming.


    1. John Carlton

      Hey, thanks for the kudos, Anthony. Appreciate it. Our task now is to replicate whatever process brought you to the podcasts, and get that puppy on auto-drive. Kevin and I know we’re not everybody’s cup o’ tea, so we’re being careful about rolling out knowledge of these podcasts… but it’s probably time to kick it up a notch and start roping in a bigger audience.

      So, spread the word, dude.

  3. Phil

    Love this show. I am in B2B sales rather than Internet/consumer sales, but the principles apply. Just wish it would it come out a bit more often!

  4. Hannah

    Well I just shared it with my Facebook bazillions!. . Only one episode I’ve heard so far but I REALLY want y’all to keep going. No matter what, what I’ve heard so far has been invaluable. Gracias y danke!

  5. Jon Bowes

    “most-ripped off and respected copywriter alive

    Funny. Halbert is the most ripped off copywriter. Carlton is the most ripped off copywriter alive.

    So Carlton ripped off Halbert’s description of being the most ripped off.

    Love it!

    Keep up the awesome podcasting!

    1. John Carlton

      Absolutely not true, Jon. I assigned myself that handle back in 2002. Halbert toasted me on coming up with it (he was very much still alive), admitting it was a great one. While, yes, he is also ripped off a lot, when Web marketing got going in the early aughts, my ads were knocked off more often than his by the young gangs of entrepreneurs coming up the pike. My annual sets of “Collected Letters and Ads of John Carlton” (which came with your subscription to the original Insider’s Club, along with your monthly issue of the Marketing Rebel Rant newsletter, circa 2003-2009) just added fuel to the ripping of my stuff. (In 2005, I even hosted a seminar called “License To Steal”, where I instructed attendees HOW to effectively rip an ad, and not screw it up.)

      I decided that, rather than fight the constant piracy, I’d just step in front of it and own it. Thus, the handle. And, in fact, the handle has morphed a bit over the years. Sometimes it has “alive” tacked on, sometimes “in the game”, sometimes it’s just “the most ripped-off and respected marketing expert on the Web”. It’s a very versatile handle.

      It’s annoying how often things like this get mixed up, with the wrong guy getting the credit (or blame) for stuff he did or didn’t do (both good and bad). I’ve had to correct even colleagues who should have known, on the history of some of this stuff. It’s not that big of a deal — and nobody’s trolling on this, and the errors are innocent. Still, I’m allowed to be bugged by it (as Halbert was continually bugged by inaccurate blame and glory aimed at him).

  6. Pam

    Download doesn’t seem to be working for me, wish there was the option of listening without having to download.


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