PI4MM27: The Care & Feeding Of Your Sense Of Humor

PI4MM27 Show Bullets:

  • Why belly laughing is mandatory to your survival in life and business
  • When to choose fun over money
  • Why so serious? (the tale of two trips to a Greek restaurant with young gun and veteran copywriters)
  • Why “humorless bastards” lose more than money when their business fails
  • The critical care and feeding of your sense of humor

Books Mentioned:

Meet Your Happy Chemicals” and “Habits Of A Happy Brain” by Loretta Graziano Breuning

Copywriting Legends Getting Greek Food…

Every self-respecting Psych Insights listener should also…

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One thought on “PI4MM27: The Care & Feeding Of Your Sense Of Humor

  1. Bernadette

    Hi John n Kevin.
    I am so happy I ran down the rabbit hole that brought me here.
    Why? There’s some serious connecting the dots going on… shared sporadically through every podcast. It’s up to the listener to be ready to collect and truly take away what you teach.
    Here’s to your success.
    Thasks for being awesome caring and BOLD


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