Show 4 – Psych Insight #556: Adult In The Control Room


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Psych Insight #556 (Show 4)

Here’s John’s Rant this show is based on:

Most life lessons are painful because they bruise the ego. You’ll never entirely crush the early childhood suspicion that you are the center of the universe and all things happen either to you or are about you.

Nevertheless, becoming self-aware requires putting aside self-centered belief systems which requires a thorough thumping of the ego. Once you realize it’s not actually pain but just the squirming resistance of your sniveling inner brat, the process of change becomes a true positive adventure.

Pain schmain. Learn your lesson and keep moving.

Kevin’s Discussion Highlights:

“I have a Psychology Degree from the University of California which, after four years, qualified me for one of three jobs that 30,000 graduates were going after.” (John tying in his lifelong fascination with street-level psychology used by the best salesmen on the planet, with his more academic adventures in the university system.)

“My personal goal for myself, and then for others who wanted to come along, was to become what’s called self-actualized.” (John explaining the state of a awareness we’re all seeking, even if we don’t realize it yet.)

“When you get mad, you understand why you’re mad... and it may have nothing to do with what’s happened that you thought triggered it.” (How you can use this new awareness to get past emotions and reactions you previously couldn’t control.)

“I had a strange incident where I freaked out on a homeless guy on a bike who yelled at me as he rode by my car. Suddenly, I’m on the side of the road calling the guy out to come fight me. I’m thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?'” (Kevin’s tale of realizing there was an unrecognized battle going on in his mind.)

“This is all very relevant to marketing and sales and super deep stuff, the inner breadth.” (And it is, too.)

“There’s going to be that voice that tells you, you shouldn’t be doing this. The voice is saying, ‘We’re afraid. Let’s not do this. Let’s find a way out.'” (What to look for when you march into your inner control room the first time.)

“If you realize that it’s the scolding parent voice, then there’s an easy tactic to be able to shuffle that person off and lock them up.” (Key tactic to eliminating troublesome “nagging voices” in your head, so you’re not ambushed by unconscious nonsense trying to sabotage things.)

8 thoughts on “Show 4 – Psych Insight #556: Adult In The Control Room

  1. James Clouser

    Awesome “control room” exercise.

    I just got into EFT, which has helped immensely. Not so much from a spiritual aspect, but in regards to observing my current belief systems.

    Powerful stuff. Thanks as always, guys!

    1. John Carlton

      Thanks, James. The power of unexamined belief systems to wreak havoc in our minds (and success) is the largest obstacle in the game for most folks. Observing is the first critical stage to changing things, too…

  2. Mitch

    Your QUOTE about the “Sniveling Childhood Brat” is Priceless !!!

    I have to borrow it and add it to my Facebook.!!!

    (with full disclosure of the Author, of course)

    So much of this Awesome Rant took me back to Psych 101 from many years ago.

    Love your style and honest in this podcast John.

    Great Podcast, keep the episodes coming please.

  3. Robert

    Thanks for sharing these amazing insights. I thought I was pretty self-aware until I listened to this. Definitely going to work on controlling that shaved ape, lizard and the scolding parent, and looking at ways to overcome those characters in my prospect’s head when I’m writing copy.

    Thanks for putting these shows together and adding your insight. Looking forward to the next one already.

    1. John Carlton

      Hi Robert. Glad you like the show. Your observation about bringing these insights to your marketing is dead-on correct. Hope I made that clear in the podcast — knowing this stuff is enlightening and even fun… but you gotta put it into action to make it an actual tool in your kit.

  4. Aaron

    Hi John, do you have the psych terms for the “sniveling brat”, “shaved ape”, “scolding parent” and “Mr Lizard” ?

    Thanks for the rambling discussion. I enjoyed every tangent.

    1. John Carlton

      Purposeful rambling, please. Sometimes my brain is like a cramped elevator with a small exit door, and everybody’s trying to get out at the same time cuz someone farted. Just a cluster mob headed off in different directions, but eventually ending up at the relevant point. Eventually. So, I’m grateful when guys like you recognize how tangents can still be good, if you have the patience to follow along.

      Thanks for the note, Aaron.

      Oh: Ego… Id… Super Ego… and “old brain”. In order…


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