PI4MM30: Living With Gusto

Lot’s of deep (and inspirational) “ah-ha!” moments in this one, including…

4:37 – What most marketing gurus preach religiously, but will actually make your audience flee in droves. (Instead, this 4-letter F-word is the key to turning your prospects into rabid, lifelong fans.)

7:17 – Warning: How Netflix can chill your career if you fall into this dangerous trap John warns against.

13:46 – The 3 quickest, easiest ways you can tap into your ‘best self’ and accomplish your greatest passions in life. (Start today and be blown away by how different you feel tomorrow.)

18:30 – The secret of ‘anti-motivation’ and how John used it to fuel his rise to copywriting immortality. (Michael Jordan used this same technique to become the most successful athlete of all time, and you’ll use it to leave your competitors in the dust.)

22:36 – John drops the most profound statement ever said on this show: “________ makes shit happen”. This one thing led him to work with Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham, and will catapult you to the top 1% of your field.

24:30 – Why people will give up on you when you make this one crucial mistake, but they’ll follow you to the ends of the earth when you eliminate it. (If on his deathbed, THIS is the one piece of advice Kevin would leave his kids.)

37:27 – Gotta have balance in your life, right? Wrong! Leave that for average people, while you achieve greatness with this counter-intuitive method instead.

41:40 – Got an unrealized dream you always wanted to pursue? Here’s the single most powerful thing you can do to turn that into reality, PLUS the real reason why most people fail.

44:30 – Steal this stupidly simple trick professional athletes swear by, and use it to reach peak performance levels beyond your wildest imagination.

55:30 – How to achieve ‘fearless living’ by doing this one thing most people avoid like the plague.

These bullets were written by Tim Ratcliffe inside Copy Chief.


Simple Writing System

Kevin’s Comedy Comeback Journal

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