PI4MM31: The Bar Conversation

The fastest way to cut through all the clutter and confusion around starting your sales copy is to simply talk it out.

Alcohol also helps ūüôā

In this episode of Psych Insights For Modern Marketers, John shares his famous (and endlessly proven) method for getting to the heart of your offer…

… and making sure you have a clear picture of your perfect customer avatar…

It’s called “The Bar Conversation” and John will even personally coach you through it – for free – starting Monday.


Free Coaching From John In The Express Course

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7 thoughts on “PI4MM31: The Bar Conversation

  1. Richard Witham

    Thanks for all that you do!

    A return gift (for the gift of your time and these sessions), there is a typo on the pi4mm.com/love copy. Look at the end of this line:

    “We’ll email you a reminder the morning of Monday, 1 May when this free training program beings.”

    Love back at you,
    Legacy Gateways

  2. DK Fynn

    Hi Kevin,

    I just wanted to inform you of a little error on this post: the link to Copy Chief goes to copy-chief.com, but that’s not correct, as there’s no hyphen in the correct url.


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